Friday, 26 January 2018

Constellation Bed Runner

Quite a few years ago David (hubby) and I bought one of those novelty gift things for Hanni (daughter), it was a star named after her, she’s been interested in them for so long we thought it a good idea.  

While having a look around the Urban Threads website I came across a couple of design packs.  The first was a pack of Stellar Constellations with all twelve zodiac signs, I bought this pack in the largest size, there are four or five different sizes available.  The second pack is called Ecliptic Constellations, again I bought the largest size and there are thirteen designs in this pack including some extra stars.  I wasn’t really sure how to lay out the designs but thought something would pop into my head as I make them.  So first things first I stitched out all twenty five designs using some burgundy cotton Klona fabric from Empress Mills, my favourite plain fabric.  Next I scribbled onto a bit of paper a rough layout, 2 hours later I had it, because the designs were in portrait and landscape it wasn’t as easy as I thought.
I used the background of one of the designs to stitch out two spare blank blocks (no star detail just the swirl), so I could cut them up and use them as fillers, I only needed four small fillers for the corners so I left them plain.  The last block was to have the details of the star we bought Hanni years ago, in fact it’s actually the galaxy M94.  I used my PE Design 10 software to make up the design using the background swirl as of the blank blocks.  Hope this makes some kind of sense lol.  
This last picture is the runner on my bed showing the middle section, Hanni is a Taurus star sign and the block next to it is the layout details of the named star (galaxy).  I thought it would be fitting to put her details in the centre.  This was Hanni’s Christmas present and I’m really glad to say she loved it, thank goodness 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Blue and Ivory Quilt

This is a quilt I made for Rita our lovely Auntie in Scotland and her birthday is on Christmas Day.  We actually travelled up there on Boxing Day and spent a few days with her and our Uncle Michael, we had a really good time, but then again we always do every time we see them lol.  Rita is actually a sewer herself so I felt a little nervous about making anything for her, mainly because I’m still a bit of a newbie when it comes to quilt making.  This embroidery pattern I used is from Amelie Scott Designs and as soon as I saw it I wanted to make one, the trouble was I couldn’t get the pattern book in this country so I had to send off to the states for it.  Christine at Amelie Scott’s was really nice to deal with, very helpful.  The book is called Build A Quilt on Your Embroidery Machine.  I did the 8 x 8 inch blocks on my embroidery machine and this picture shows the blocks trimmed and ready for the next stage which is the sashing.  I used Ivory and Royal Blue cotton Klona fabric from Empress Mills.
I used my Accuquilt strip dies for the sashing, the front used the 1” and the back was the 1¾” boards.  In these pictures you can see I’m connecting the rows together.
This is the front ready for the binding and again I used another strip die the 2” to do this, running it through my Simplicity Binding Machine.  Once finished the quilt was washed at 30° and dried over the banister at the top of the stairs so no one could go near it lol.  
I'm glad to say that she really loved this quilt, thank goodness 😊

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


My mother-in-law loves papercrafting and in June or July of last year I saw some Christmas deals on Create and Craft so when I saw some stamps and dies I just had to order some for the both of us.  When I gave them to her (she had at that time started her Christmas cards) I mentioned that they were part of her Christmas present, this cushion is the other part.  I made it using the designs from Stitch Delight, if you haven’t already had a look at this Machine Embroidery Design website then it is well worth a visit.  I have used three designs and arranged them in my software before stitching them out.  The rose and the corner design are from the Stop and Smell the Roses design set, the M is from the Fancy Block Font and the lowercase letters are from the Champagne Font.  The fabric I bought from Always Knitting and Sewing, lovely selection and another website worth a look.  As you can see in the picture I added a pink flange to the top and bottom of the design area, I felt it needed a bit of something else on the front.  The back is the same rosebud fabric and I made it into an envelope closure and no a zips, making it a lot easier.
The picture isn’t perfect, David holding it, but I forgot to take one and he was about to wrap it up lol.  I gave him a choice of fabric and thread colours as the cushion was for his mum, I think he did quite a good job.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Yorkshire Coasters

I've made some coasters and I need them testing.  I've made them using felt and covered the felt with a sticky back plastic and it's that I need testing to see how they will stand up to general wear and tear with hot drinks.  I have been using one for my coffee and all seems well but I've given them to Hanni so she can take them to work with her and let her work colleagues use them in anger lol, I need to know if I can use this plastic on other projects.  The coasters are from Titania Creations, there is a set of six called ITH Yorkshire Saying Coasters Set of Six and an odd one called ITH Round Tuit Coaster.  So it could be a little while before I get some feedback but if it works then it will have been worth it.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Birthday Card

This is a card I recently made for a friend the dies are from the XCut Chronology Cogs collection from Docrafts as is the Happy Birthday stamp, it’s one of those that I’ve had for ages and use quite often.  After cutting the cogs out I used some of the bits from the inside of them to add a bit of a feature.  Very quick card to make and I always like to do a bit of colouring lol.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Christmas Jumper

My next door neighbour had planned to attend a Christmas party at the school where she works, but the traditional jumpers from the shops were to thick and she didn’t want to be over hot in school, so asked if I would add a little bit of something on the front of a thinner top she bought (which was a ribbed top so slightly stretchy).  So this is what I did.  The Merry Christmas design on the front is from Sonia Showalter Embroidery Designs and is currently a free download, which is even better lol.  I stitched it out onto some white cotton fabric then squared it off to make the present, the bow is from my Accuquilt dies.  As it turned out she fell just a couple of days before the party, breaking her arm in two places so couldn’t go after all.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Card Holders

I lost a lot of time last year, being poorly and all, so it was around the middle of October before I could actually get started on my Christmas projects.  Over the next few days I will be posting the bits and pieces I couldn’t post before Christmas as some of them were gifts.

These are some card holders I made for gift cards, it’s a get out I know but when you have no idea what to buy the littlies then a voucher to get what they like is the better option in my book lol.  I actually made the three red ones I needed but David (husband) was talking to one of his friends and I was asked to make him five for his grandchildren.  The design is from Titania Creations and they were very easy to sew out, they just need a quick tidy up now.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


My sister has modified a coat for her dog Lulu, she is a beautiful dog and very, very soft, she loves nothing more than a big old fuss lol.  We got talking (my sister and me not Lulu) about this coat and she was in two minds about it, she thought it was too boy'ish, it being mainly blue, so I said I'd make her a patch for it with Lulu's name on.  I got the design from Applique Time on Etsy and I'm really please with it, lovely easy design.  I opened the paw design in my PE Design 10 software and added the name, I can't remember which font I used.  Susan (my sister) brought the coat with her when she called for coffee, as soon as I saw it I know what fabric I's use.  I stitched it out on blue felt and used a pale pink batik for the paw pads.  I left it whole on the stabiliser (tear away) so she could cut it out how she needed it, just needs the lint roller on it and finished.

This is Lulu.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Last of the cushions for a while

For details about the fabric and cushion pads I used please see past Cushion posts.  For the front of this one I used the same design as on the front of this cushion, I just placed them on opposite sides.  
For the back of the cover I used the Tree of Life design from Urban Threads.  As you can see I did the same layout as the other cushion. 
 The idea behind these cushions is that Hanni can turn them and see a different pattern on either side of the cushions a good mix and match really.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Another Cushion for Hanni

For details about the fabric and cushion pads I used please see past Cushion posts.  For the front of this one I used the Passport to New Zealand design from Urban Threads for the top right hand block and the other three are designs from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery the set is called RW Maori
 For the back of the cover I did a checkerboard pattern, not perfect but I'm pleased with the outcome, was also a good way of using some of the scraps up.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Ghosties

These are this year's Halloween treat bags for our little visitors.  The designs are from GG Designs Embroidery and it was one of those times when you look at something and think 'I've got to have those' haha.  Last year we went through 100 sweetie bags, the weather is a very big factor on the amount of Trick or Treaters we have, last year it was quite warm so they were out in force.  We live on a main road and I used to work at our local primary school, so there have been plenty of visitors for quite some years lol.  So this year I've made 100 boy and girl ghosts and have made up about 50 bags, making more if necessary.  We have made up some bags without anything on for the older children who bring their little brothers and sisters, we can't leave them out lol.   The designs I used are called Ghost Treat Bag Topper, there are other designs in this range and I've actually bought those as well.  Whatever I don't use will go in the box for future years, the same will happen next year with which ever design I use.  When I have finished using the different designs I will have a year of the mixed leftover's.  That's the plan at the moment anyway J

They are made using felt and are very easy and quick.  I used a larger hoop and managed to sew out ten on each.  The designs are in singles, fours or sixes, so as you can see from the following pictures I used a four and a six in each hoop.

Happy Halloween everyone J

Friday, 27 October 2017

Cushions for Hanni

Not actually been blogging for a while as you can see, but I'm busy making Christmas Gifts, so nothing I can post at the moment.  That being said I do have another three cushions I've made for Hanni that I can show you.  This one is following on from the last Kiwi cushion as in I'm making them using all the same fabrics which are Dunroven House Homespun Fabric Fat Quarters and the Natural Seeded Klona cotton fabric from Empress Mills, the colours go really well in her room.  I used the Hippy Van design for this cushion front, from Big Dream Embroidery, really lovely and easy to follow design.  
I used my Accuquilt Go strip dies to make the diagonal blocks of the cream fabric from the fat quarter bundle as well as the borders.  I love my Accuquilt Go machine and dies, my hands are rubbish these days so using them makes everything really easy.  

On the back of this cushion I've used the Where the Fern Grows design from Urban Threads, it's not really a New Zealand fern but close enough.  I again used my strip dies to cut the borders.
Because of all the raw edges on the inside of the cover I used some light weight iron on interfacing to keep everything tidy.  I've made this cushion cover to fit a 20" square cushion pad, the extra fill ones, really plump.  I always get my cushion pads from the Bedding Comfort Store online, well worth a visit and they come in various sizes.