Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Reverse Easel Card’s

I first did this style of card last July (I’ll put the pictures at the end of this post), I like the DL cards but I’m not so keen on them when they are on their side.  So I gave it a little thought and came up with the reverse easel, I don’t think I’ve seen them anywhere else and if I have then sorry for thinking it was my own fold. J  Using an A4 piece of card score at 4” and again at 8” the shorter left over bit is the base of the card.

For this card I applied a gradient from black to blue, then used a flourish brush with a leaf end and finished the background off with a starburst inside the leaves.  The alphabet I had in my digi stash, really strong colours in the candy stripe, I also added a black stroke the edge of the letters.  Matt and layered onto silver mirri then onto black before attaching to a white base card.  For the back of the card I again used silver mirri and black card for the matting of the text and the happy birthday ribbon.  A very quick card.
Because Suzan is away on holiday this week she has taken her cards and presents with her so I wanted to keep everything as portable as possible, which gave me the idea of the postage stamps on the envelope.  I used the Clarity Stamps stamp and one of their mini happy birthday stamps to sit inside the stamp (there seems to be a lot of stamp/s in this section J).  I’d bought her a sewing ruler as she is wanting to get into patchwork, so instead of wrapping it I made an envelope to match the card.  I did a side opening envelope instead of a top opening, much less hassle. 

This is my first reverse easel card, I made it last July with the ‘Snow Doubt It’s Christmas’ stamp set from Dimension Fourth ref: 2400034a.  I masked the snowmen to make a longer line of dancing snowmen.  I made some snowflake digi paper in blue, you can’t see much of it in this card but it’s in the background, so I matt and layered the snowmen onto blue holographic card which I’d extended using scalloped edged Nesties.  On the base at the back of this card I stuck two stars from my stash.

This one I did last August and used the ‘No Room at the Inn’ stamp set from Dimension Fourth ref: 2400067a.  Did quite a bit of masking in this card and used ProMarkers to colour.  Used the bales of hay for the back of the card with a little lamb sat on them, the ‘Season’s Greetings’ stamp is from the ‘Festive Wonder’ stamp set from Dimension Fourth ref: 2400009a.

So to have that little bit of extra support at the base of this card makes me feel better and not think it’s going to end up on someone’s mantelpiece as a flat card lol J

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Paper Garden part 2

Originally this post was under the Dimension Fourth heading, using their stamps, then the name change to Dimensions Stamps.  Now the name is Nina Crafts and the old names have been dropped.

I thought I’d again do something a little different with the new ‘Paper Garden’ set from Dimension Fourth and after doing some cards already I just couldn’t get this out of my head and as Aly is now on Create and Craft next week I knew I’d have enough time to have a go. 

I used paper for these flowers, and the paper I used was from the ‘Colossal Print Pack’ from Papermania, I’ve had it ages and it seems to be a never ending pack J  I used two sheets (12X12) of the golden yellow paper and the smaller of the flowers.  I cut loads out and stamped them with the corner damask flourish using Adirondack – Watermelon.  I threaded some clear beads onto a piece of red glittery wire and built the flower up around it.  I made nine and once all were made I used a Quickie Glue pen and added some fine red glitter.  Next I attached either one or two leaves, these I had in my stash and are from an old artificial flower stem that I’d dismantled.  Next I wrapped the wire stems in flower tape and built up the posie.


Monday, 14 February 2011


I used Nestabilities heart dies for this card both the scalloped and plain edged ones.  I cut the scalloped edge ones in white and the plain in the same red I used for my card base.  I used VersaMark and detail white embossing powder, I should have made this card a little earlier and took a little more time because I’ve got lil bits of white embossing powder in the red L (my own fault for rushing it, but if anyone asks it’s meant to be like that haha).  Anyway, I used the ‘Krystal Upper Case’ alphabet from Dimension Fourth ref: 2400013a for the small heart.  For the medium heart I used the swirl out of the ‘My Favourite Fountain’ Dimension Fourth ref: 2400022a.  For the large heart I used the ‘Patchwork Hearts’ stamp, Dimension Fourth ref: 1806228a.  For the background I found a small piece of scrap patchy pink paper with little white dots on and I also used the rainbow foil card.  I stuck everything on with double sided tape and used some red gems to finish off.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Scott's 50th

I needed to make a card for a 50th, so I had a look through my paper stash and found a nice 12 x 12 one that I’d bought from Costco ages ago.  It had a waterside picture on it but you couldn’t see it once I’d cut everything out, on the other side of the paper was a darker patchy pattern so I used it as a background.  I cut the wording out on my Cricut Expression but did the layout in my SCAL software.  I cut the 12 x 12 paper in half and lay both halves onto my cutting mat, one half being the darker side.  While I was doing the wording I did Scott’s name again so I could put one on the envelope.  Before I stuck the wording onto the shadow background I used a Sakura silver pen to outline the letters.  For the background I used some digi paper that had a faint damask pattern on it but that didn’t matter as I just wanted the colour.  In Microsoft Publisher I cropped the paper to the size I needed, copied then pasted it, so both images were on top of each other, then on the front image I cropped and lightened it, on the back image I darkened it so now it looks like two pieces of paper.  I printed then cut it out, attached it to my white base card (can you tell its only one piece J), I also used this for the insert just adding some text.  I used some silver dew drops in the corners and attached the wording with foam tape.  A quick and easy card.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

David's Address Book

Last weekend we were out and about shopping, now people who know me will think I had been ill as I don't do shopping lol.  Anyway, my husband David wanted an address book, but not any old address book it had to have plenty of room in it.  I was actually loosing the will to live and offered to make one.  For Christmas David bought me a We R Memory Keepers - Cinch Book Binding Machine so if I made something for him he couldn't say I never use it J.  
I had a look through our office supplies and found some A5 dividers, they are all different colours but hey ho. So using Microsoft Publisher I put together an A5 page with all the details he wanted.  I cut out two pieces of  mount board for the front and back, but couldn't decide what paper to use to cover them.  Then, I went to Dimension Fourth last night and had a mooch through all the lovely papers Aly has in the shop and found the Graphic 45 range, I bought four and used three, I have one left to look at and stroke lol.  This link shows you the paper I got  I covered the front and back mount board with the dark side and used the light side for the lettering (these were done on the scrap pieces of paper as I didn't want to use my last sheet J).  I stamped the 'Plain Lower Case Alphabet' (Dimension Forth ref: 1801014a) onto Post-It notes first so I could mask the letters and overlap them.  I used VersaFine - Onyx Black and clear embossing powder for the letters and cut them out, I was going to matt it on black but David wanted it leaving as it is.  On the dividers I used the 'Address Book' stamps from Dimension Fourth ref: 1801015a, he couldn't wait to take it off me so I think he's happy with it.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The new set with no name (yet) ---- Paper Garden

Originally this post was under the Dimension Fourth heading, using their stamps, then the name change to Dimensions Stamps.  Now the name is Nina Crafts and the old names have been dropped. 

(It's Thursday morning and Aly has just text me, this set is called 'Paper Garden')

Aly from Dimension Fourth was to appear on Create and Craft on the 14th of this month but it has now been moved to the 23rd.  This is the new set she is taking with her.  I have yet to find out its name so I will be changing this as and when.  The set comprises of two flower heads, one corner damask flourish, some rushes, one rose and butterfly flourish and a 'Happy Birthday' circle.  

I wanted to do something a little different with the flower head stamps, so I stamped three small and two large onto yellow card and used the damask flourish corner to stamp the pattern on the flower.  I used Big and Juicy – Foliage ink pad and only used the yellow and orange end of the pad.  I cut out and folded the flowers in between each petal and through the middle of each petal.  Then I cut one of the large and one of the small flowers in half.  Using the full flower heads I cut through the middle of one petal and glued the half flowers in the gap, overlapping the flower.  This made the flowers look fuller and have eight petals instead of six, I did one of the flowers with seven petals just to see what difference it would make but you can add as many as you like.  I stuck onto the pearlescent green some strips of dark green card that I randomly cut to make long leaves and used a black Memento pen to draw a line down the centre for the vane.  I wanted to make the flowers look as if they were in a pot so I used some brown card that I made ½cm wider than the green card to give it a bow shape and stamped the ‘Mum’ on using the ‘Plain Alphabet’ (Dimension Fourth ref: 1801012a) and the ‘Plain Lower Case Alphabet’ (Dimension Fourth Ref: 1801014a), I coloured the Mum with a ProMarker’s.  I attached the brown card then I matt and layered the pearlescent green card onto some gold holographic card then attached to a white base card.  I stuck the flowers on with silicone glue.  Onto orange card I stamped half the large flower head and brought the open ends down to a point to make a label for the pot and I also stamped the flower centres, for these I used the ‘Love Hearts’ Dimension Fourth ref: 0605030a.  Onto yellow card I stamped the happy birthday circle and cut out the upper and lower half circles before gluing to the label, to finish the label I stamped the leafy flourish to the pointed base.

I used the rose and the butterfly stamp for this card (as you can see lol) and used VersaFine – Onyx Black and embossed with detail clear embossing powder.  I stamped the rose section another three times and the butterfly once more, embossing each.  I coloured them in using ProMarkers and cut out the single butterfly and used a clear glaze pen for the wings.  I wanted to decoupage the rose, so after cutting out I glazed the petals.  While the pieces were drying I used a light grey ProMarker and randomly highlighted some of the black lines on the flourish, I then matt and layered the white stamped card onto some glossy red card and then onto white base card.  I attached the butterfly and petals using silicone glue.

I used some double sided card for the box base.  I measured the chocolates and added about ½cm to round off the size, then measured the height of the chocolate taking into account the butterfly topper and again rounded off to the nearest ½cm.  For the butterflies I used Distrtess Ink – Fired Brick and randomly blended it lightly onto some white card then used VersaMark and some detail gold embossing powder to stamp the butterfly section of the stamp.  After cutting out I stuck them onto the chocolates with silicone glue.  For the flower I used the fired brick and lightly inked some white card that has a gold pearlescent shine in it.  Stamped the damask flourish corner stamp with gold VersaColor ink all over the gold/light red card and stamped three small and two large flowers, then cut them out.  I assembled the flower (to see Aly do this flower visit: )and in my stash I have some fabric leaves so I used these under the flower.  On shrink plastic I stamped the large flower and the happy birthday circle.  Using a single hole punch I made the hole for the pink ribbon at the top in between two petals, cutting round it and the flower, I also cut out the two half circle shapes in the middle of the happy birthday circle.  I coloured the petals with a Sakura Gelly Roll Pen – Rose Star before shrinking.  Assembled the lid using the white card with the gold pearlescent shine having stamped with the rose flourish stamp and embossed with detail gold embossing powder.  The shrunk tag, leaves and flower were stuck on top of the box lid with silicone glue.  

I thought this card would do for valentine's, but now Aly's been moved to the 23rd it doesn't seem appropriate now, but hey ho.  I wanted to try and use these flower stamps for other things so using Adirondack – Watermelon, the rose flourish stamp and white card I stamped randomly all over the card then using VersaFine – Onyx Black and detail clear embossing powder I stamped and cut out three large flowers.  I found some red card in my stash and stuck the three flowers onto it and cut round them giving me a red border.  What to do next ?????  I still had the ‘Love Hearts’ Dimension Fourth ref: 0605030a stamps on my desk so onto the red card I stamped eight of them using VersaMark and detail clear embossing powder.  I cut out the hearts in the centre of the stamps and I have a 1” punch and it fits perfectly round the love hearts so punched them all out.  Using white card and the ‘Krystal Tips Upper and Lowercase Alphabet’ Dimension Fourth ref: 2400012a I stamped and embossed the letters before punching them out and gluing to the back of the hearts.  I stuck the hearts onto the flowers and I used some flat jewels on the curly swirls.  What to do next?????  Still on my desk was the Martha Stewart punch (I really need to tidy my desk J) so I used the red card and punched the border, the card needed a bit more black so I matt and layered the punched border onto black then onto silver mirri.  This card was going to be square but I kept moving the flowers around the base card and I wasn’t very happy with it, so thought about a DL but that was a bit too squashed.  In the end I stuck the border on the underneath (inside) of the white base card and cut off the top bit.  I made two more thinner borders but it didn’t look right so I used a piece of white pearlescent card and covering up the edges of the borders I stuck it down the centre to join the borders together.  Using double sided tape on the top and bottom flowers to attach them, and using foam tape on the middle one.  What to do next????? Coffee J

Thursday, 3 February 2011

ATC's January 2011

Originally this post was from the Dimension Fourth Project Club, then the name change to Dimensions Stamps.  Now the name is Nina Crafts and the old names have been dropped.  I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

Why not have a go, you could win a free stamp from Dimension Fourth, but you have to be in the Project Club to enter.  To join the Project Club have a look on the website for details.  I will be photographing all your ATC's and showing them on here, for more details please see the project club newsletter.  Thank you and good luck.

From left to right:  'House Move','Birthday Patchwork' both from Susan; 'Holiday Home' from Pauline and the end one is from Jo.
This ATC is a double folded one, the front on the left and centre on the right, it's titled 'Dream Home' and is from Jacqui.
From left to right: 'Tree at Sunset', 'Distressed Mansion' both from Dawn and on the end 'Sleepy Hollow' from me.
I thought I'd show you the back of my ATC (above) as I've been asked a few times now what to actually write in the details section.  Well, you can write as much or as little as you like, its really up to you, but a brief comment of what you've used on your artwork is all that's needed.  Hope this helps J

I'd like to thank you all for sending in your artwork, and I can see that a lot of work and thought has gone into all of them.  I wish I could have lots of winners but unfortunately there can be only one, and this month it is
your free 'Poppy Corner' (Dimension Fourth ref: 0602014a) stamp is on its way.