Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project Club - January 2014 ~Main Project~

This month's project club at Dimension Stamps is a really big bumper issue.  The stamps in the set can be used all year round and for all occasions.  The set has circle month stamps, solid numbers, outline numbers and four sentiments that fit in the middle of the month stamps.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

In this month's project club we will be making a birthday organizer.  We will be making tags, pockets and I will also show you how to make the front and back covers.  I have kept the organizer quite plain giving you the opportunity to decorate it however you like, some of your past project club stamps will come in very handy.  I have added lots of photographs this month hope they help.

All the project club members have one month's exclusivity on the current set of stamps but if you would like to have a look at past project club sets then please visit the Dimension Stamps website.  You can also join the project club for just £10 a month, details can be found on the website.

This is the birthday organizer project for this month.
Materials Required
Project Club Stamps and Card Kit
Stamp and Stash set
Memento – Tuxedo Black
Rounded Corner Punch 
Hole Punch
Double Sided Tape
Hi Tac Tape (red)
Bone Folder

Tags - Use the strips of card that measure approx. 9.9cm x 21cm.  Cut them in half so they measure 9.9cm x 10.5cm.  Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the middle of the 9.9cm edge.  Using a rounded corner punch, punch both corners either side of the hole to form the tag shape.  Using black ink and the round month stamps, stamp a month on each of the 12 tags half on and half off the tag around the hole.
Cut each of the ribbon strips into quarters, use one piece of ribbon for each of the tags.  Fold the ribbon piece in half and thread the looped middle of the ribbon through the front of the hole, feed the two ends of the ribbon through the loop at the back of the tag and pull gently.
Pockets - Use the four pieces of white A5 white card.  Cut each card so it measures 14.8cm x 7cm, you will end up with three pieces from each A5 card, making twelve in all.
Use two of these pieces of card and stick together using some double sided tape on one of the longest edges, then down the two shorter edges, leaving the other longest edge without tape to form the pocket top.  Repeat until all six pockets are made.
Cut out each of the month grids from the A4 sheet.  Use the four A6 coloured pieces of card, cut out twelve pieces so they measure 6.5cm x 5cm each.  I used three of each colour.  Using double sided tape, matt the months centrally to the coloured pieces of cut card.  
Using double sided tape attach January centrally to the front of the first white pocket, making sure the opening is at the top.  Using a hole punch make two holes on the left hand side of the pocket.  These holes will be used as a template for all the other pockets and the organizer covers.  Turn the pocket over and attach February centrally.
Repeat the above using the month of March on the second pocket.  Stack the first pocket on top of the second and using a pencil mark through the holes before punching them.  Repeat the above until all the pockets are finished and in month order.
Covers - Stack both pieces of grey board on top of each other, with the longest edges top and bottom.  Using your pencil write 'front' on the board, also mark the top.  Open the grey board (book like) and write 'inside' on both boards.  Close the grey boards and write 'back' on the last face.
Cut the two A5 white pieces of 160gsm paper to measure 14.8cm x 17cm.  Cut the two coloured pieces of A5 card so they measure 14.5cm x 12.5cm.  Onto the back face of the grey board attach some red hi tac tape around all the edges and a piece across the middle.
Remove the red plastic backing and place it centrally onto the white paper.  Attach some red hi tac tape to the edges of the inside grey board, adding a piece across the middle, then fold over all the edges.
Remove the plastic backing in each corner and fold the white paper over, then with your finger press down the edges.
Remove any red plastic backing and carefully fold over each of the four edges.  You may need to use a bone folder to smooth down the mitred corners.
Attach some red hi tac tape to the edges of one of the coloured 14.5cm x 12.5cm pieces of card.
Remove the plastic backing then attach it to the inside of the grey board.  
Front Cover - Using the circle stamps and the black ink, randomly stamps all over the other white piece of paper, adding some special dates in two or three of the circles.  Follow instructions above to cover this front face, making sure the stamped paper is the right way up.
To make the holes in the covers, have the front cover facing you and use the January pocket to draw the holes on the left before punched them.  Place the front and back covers on top of each other with the insides together and draw the holes before punching them.
Finishing off - thread the two treasury tags through the covers, adding the pockets in month order.  
Finally place all of the tags in their pockets.
Hope you enjoy your stamps, happy crafting

Jackie J


  1. Jackie I am sorry to say my project is still sitting in its envelope but I did want to say what a lovely suprise the bumper project was this month. I am so behind with my projects...........can you arrange for a few extra hours in the day just for crafting.

    1. Well hello, hope you're well :)

      I really enjoyed doing the organizer, I had the stamp idea in my head and luckily I know a company who could make them lol. Faye asked me if I would mind sending the stamps out to the project club members, which I thought was a great idea, so I wanted to do something a little different.

      I can't do the extra hours in a day though but if ever you find anyone who can, send them my way. As for your project still being in the envelope, never mind you could always do one for next year, just get one of those little calendar pads and replace the dates.

      Best Wishes, Jackie x