Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Craftroom - The last box

The box full of bits on my filing cabinet is the last box, I have actually unpacked it now the only thing needed to finish everything off is the give the carpet a clean, so that's a job for the weekend.  My craftroom smells of polish and the trail of glitter around the house has gone, David says I will never be able to find my way around the house again especially the kitchen.  Cheeky man, go and get that kettle on.
I even have a bit of floor at the side of my desk, I haven't seen that for a while.
This is the set of drawers I acquired from David, so now I can have my eBosser out all the time.
These are my original drawers that have been moved along to replace David's desk space.
Eighty eight drawers emptied, contents and each drawer cleaned and sorted, it seemed to take for ever and that was just the drawers.
Then had to start on the boxes, card boxes and paper pads.  I haven't taken a picture of inside the cupboards, the top one is full of my computer software stuff.  The middle one is full of card blanks and the bottom cupboard is full of card blanks and card.
So this picture shows the entrance to my craftroom.
If I turn left this is David's office, he's very happy with his clean, tidy and glitter free room hahahaha
I'm really glad it's all finished, it was a massive job and I couldn't have done it on my own.  David was brilliant as usual, never criticized the amount of stuff I have just ended up with a nervous twitch every time he found another paper pad lol.  Thank you David xx

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